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about us

Goodwill Distributor Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2001 by our management team with over 60 years of experience to create a company that delivers good solutions to our customers, relevant partners, and the society.

We are importer and distributor of various kinds of kitchen, bakery, ice cream, beverage, food processing machinery from U.S.A., Europe, and Asia. We distribute our products for both small and large restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, pizzerias, hotels, and government sectors throughout the country with strong support from our partners.

We started a new pleasant working environment in 2007. The functionally flexible and stylistically creative architecture allows the organization to communicate innovations and ideas freely, hence unlocking the greater potential for a successful business.


Our Mission: To satisfy our customer’s expectations for high-quality goods at a reasonable price and necessary spare parts with a dedicated service mind.

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